Friday, August 28, 2009

working, rolling, opening doors

Our family

Hello everyone! Here's the latest update from the Hansen household.

Alan: He is still working like an animal at Texas Roadhouse, putting in over 80 hours a week! We miss him tons at home and hope the hours will lessen soon so he isn't so worn out. What a blessing he is to our family, though! We love him so much!

Allison: I am loving the summer and not wanting the cold to leave! This is the first time I can ever remember that I have not wanted Fall to come at all and have not listened to Christmas music in July. I think having kids and enjoying playing outside so much is convincing me that I really love the warm weather. Maybe, though, we'll play in the snow more this year and have fun with that, too. I just love being able to slip on the flip-flops and relax on the grass, chatting with the neighbors while our kids play. You just can't do that when it's cold! Oh well, probably one more month of warm weather, at least!

Benjamin: He has learned how to open his bedroom door all by himself. I know kids often learn how to open doors much earlier than this, but we have totally avoided teaching him. It's just been easier knowing he can't get into things...but that's over. It's fun to see how proud he is when he does it! Of course, he still loves cars and trains and anything with wheels. We have also started "checking out" books from Grandma Lord's "library". When we bring new books home, Benjamin starts dancing and saying, "I love books! I love books!" So fun.

Parley: Our little guy has finally learned how to roll over, and has reached 16 lbs! He's a big, happy baby. Even though he's only four months old, he even gets loopy when he's sleepy. We can talk to him and make him laugh, talk, and smile if we know he is almost ready for bed. We are so grateful for his contented, happy little personality!

Well, that's a quick overview of how we're all doin'. We are getting very excited for Utah football to start next week! It'll be interesting going to games with both boys, but we have fun doing it, and Benjamin is excited, too. Here are a few pictures of us, well, mostly the kids because let's face it, they're the most fun to see anyway.

Parley sleeping


Alan and Benjamin at the batting cages



Joanna said...

Hang in there during these long work hours, girl. That can be so hard. Isn't it great that you have your buddies to hang out with, though?

Alan & Allison said...

Couldn't agree more, Jo!

Tiff-E said...

Your family is SOOOOO stinkin cute! I can't believe how fun those pics are...What sweet, cute, little boys! And yeah, hang in there, hope Alan gets to be home more soon!

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